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"Forward, March!"

Posted on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Shepherd's Bush rental market continues with its best foot forward (and march into March!) with the same quick time pace to that of January and February, with many keen applicants looking for good quality rental units. 

However, we are currently experiencing a shortage of new instructions, which is partly due to the ongoing high renewal rate of tenancies with tenants looking to remain in their flats long-term. This situation is great news for landlords of course as it means there are no void periods or tenancy changeovers.

The Kerr & Co. Lettings Team is always looking for good landlords because there is a shortage of property available and we continue to see rental investors eager to buy in the area. For example, we recently let a newly-developed one bedroom flat on Goldhawk Road at the full asking price and within only a couple of days of the flat coming onto the rental market - which the landlord was clearly delighted with, both with the rent achieved and the couple who rented the flat. 

One piece of 'economical and eco-friendly' advice we want to pass on to current, and prospective, landlords is to think seriously about upgrading their properties and to have a good look at the Government's Green Deal Home Improvement Fund. This is because tenants have high-spec demands these days and are far more likely to turn away from 'less attractive' choices, so improving the facilities along with the benefits of the 'green fund' are well worth doing in both the short and the long term. 

The gist of the Green Deal is that you may be able to claim back money from the Government if you make energy-saving home improvements. These upgrades include such measures as installing solid wall insulation, secondary glazing, cavity wall insulation, floor or room in the roof insulation, energy efficient replacement external doors, and many others.

Of course, there are always provisos and eligibility factors (for full details please go to the link below), and we can give you the best advice on both this scheme and on becoming a landlord, so please just contact us!