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Le Buisson!

Posted on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

As was expected, the lettings market has slowed down after a very busy period; however, renewals continue to be incredibly active. We are certainly finding in the present climate, and for a variety of reasons, that tenants are much more likely to choose to stay where they are and renew their agreements rather than opt to go elsewhere.

Something we have also detected is that there is certainly more prevalence of the sound of a French accent in the area, with an increasing number of people deciding to relocate to London from France.

And here Kerr & Co. clearly have a positive advantage with the high level of service we are able to offer. This is because two of our property managers, Stephanie and Susanna, are both fluent in French (and Stephanie speaks Spanish too!) and means we are in a strong position to advise on the vetting of potential tenants. Additionally, as in a recent case where a couple relocated to the area from Paris – and due to Stephanie’s thorough knowledge – some good and welcoming guidance could be given on local schools, after school clubs, and on the local French community and where they liked to meet and socialise.