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Lost Gem Returns As Family Home

Posted on Wednesday, October 1, 2014

“Highly desirable property for sale; all boarded up , lived in as a squat, inhabited by a hermit and latterly the permanent residence of a large family – of pigeons!”

Doesn’t sound too enticing, does it? However, this property, that was boarded up for many years has now been sold by us and we’re pleased to report a ‘happy ending’. It’s not only that it is a beautiful building - for which we had multiple offers of proposals to turn it into flats - but the purchasers are a local family intending to renovate and live in it as a family home, which is really nice to know.

Further upbeat news is that a more stable and calmer market is returning and that properties are now taking 2-3 weeks to sell, which is a normal expectation from the ‘you have 24 hours’ to decide scenario in the spring! The benefit to buyers is that not only will they have more choice but can be more relaxed because minds won’t have to be made up overnight, as we were we seeing previously.

For the experienced independent agents we are it is a more enjoyable situation for us and for all concerned. You may find this slightly odd and suspect all agents want a ‘frothy market’ and instant decisions - and, let’s face it, there are some more aggressive ones who do want to act ‘fast and furious’ - but as professional and ethical agents we want to support buyers as buying a property and particular a first home is a daunting prospect .

At Kerr we are proud of our reputation and the fact that we score highly on the All Agents website, www.allagents.co.uk, the UK’s largest customer review website for the property industry, and we fully support the local community in Shepherd’s Bush. The area continues steadily on its upward curve and with local schools scoring highly in Ofsted reports it is becoming even more sought after – especially around the Lime Grove area, for St. Stephen’s School, and Wendell park area, for The Good Shepherd Primary and Greenside Primary.

So, for the best advice and service from an independent agent - who have the local knowledge and expertise and will give you the complete picture - you know who to choose, don’t you? No decision time needed there!