Autumn Market Gathers Momentum in Shepherds Bush and Hammersmith

News at Kerr & Co | 19/09/2023

Autumn Market Gathers Momentum in Shepherds Bush and Hammersmith

Despite the economic challenges and interest rates rises since December 2021 the property market in Shepherd’s Bush and Hammersmith has remained resilient. As the traditional Autumn market commences many of our owners have waited to launch their properties at this particular time.  So is the Autumn a good time to Sell ?

Many owners have reflected over the last 12 months and have done their homework. September 2022 saw house prices peak as a result of the post pandemic house boom. This time last year Liz Truss was Prime Minister and the country was in public mourning, the world had officially come out of the pandemic and the results of Brexit was slowly registering. Fast forward a year on and the recession which was forecast with negative press of a property crash has not materialised. Instead the economic rollacoster and the rise in the base rate definitely focused the minds of home owners and first time buyers especially as interest rates reach their peak towards the end of this year.  As a result home owners expectations are more realistic of what their property can achieve and sensible price reductions have enabled the market to keep fluid. This Autumn market is still active, mortgage lenders have become more competitive, lowering their fix rate deals, and more properties are coming onto the market as landlords and home owners owners look to move before Christmas.


How much has the market changed in the last 12 months ?

Last years property market peaked at the tail end of the pandemic boom, prices today now reflect a more sensible and sustainable level and have helped home owners and first time buyers plan accordingly. Purchasers are taking a more considered approach by taking out mortgages for a fixed terms allowing them budget more carefully. This has contributed to prices levelling, resulting in a more realistic and settled 2023 Autumn market .

Kerr and Co have seen prices in Shepherds Bush and Hammersmith remain resilient as demand continues to stay strong in this desirable part of West London.

Whilst households have had their income squeezed, through the cost of living and increased interest rates, many have saved to get away on a family holiday abroad for the first time since the pandemic or covering the extra cost of replacing their car to make it ULEZ compliant. Despite this, the Autumn market is gaining momentum as the traditional drivers, such as school places, job moves and changes in personal circumstance are still the determining factors.


Considerations if you are looking to move this Autumn 2023

There is never the right time to move - family and personal circumstances continue to dictate . Kerr and Co have over 30 years experience selling homes around Brackenbury Village, Hammersmith Grove and Askew Road, moving house can provide detailed analysis and expert advice to help you prepare for selling.  Two fundamentals are preparing your house ready for marketing and sorting out your finances. This year is no exception as Kerr and Co have experienced a record year, as demand for good quality housing remains high.

Understanding your property's worth and income potential is worth a conversation with a property expert. If you in the process of selling your property and have run into some obstacles or if your sale needs a fresh approach or new direction our highly experienced sales team can give you guidance.

Kerr and Co have unrivalled knowledge and expertise and we would be pleased to assist if you need a valuation or an informal chat please call us we would be pleased to help with any of your queries.


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