Buying in a Conservation Area - Spotlight on Hammersmith Grove 

News at Kerr & Co | 05/12/2022

Buying in a Conservation Area - Spotlight on Hammersmith Grove 
We are blessed in this part of the bourough to have many parks, green spaces and riverside views - as a result Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush remains a hot spot for professionals looking for that authentic lifestyle which can be rare in many cities in UK.
In addition to this, the London Borough of Hammersmith have 43 conservation areas within the borough - which for London is very impressive -  especially as they cover almost half the area.
Situated on Goldhawk Road many of these conservation areas fall at our doorstep and as one of the most established agents in the area we are often quized by buyers about the history of the W12 and W6 and inparticular the age, and various style of properties.   Many of the buildings have evolved from the 19th Century and have many distinctive features of that period.  The area became a hub as the railway continued to develop further out to West London which making it a convenient and popular and unique area to live in, which remains very much so today. Over the last 30 years we have seen much redevelopment of Shepherds Bush and Hammersmith, in particular the demand is high for these desirable properties in these very attractive roads.  As a active local agent in the area we continually support the local residents and the council in all that they do to help preserve and enhance the area’s character, appearance and have become the go to agent, as many of these properties need an expert hand.   Our experiance and in-depth local knowledge has become invaluable as protection of these buildings is at the forfront for future generations and priority to the local area.
Recently we have sold a number of properties in the last 3 months in many of these desirable roads including Hammersmith Grove,  Benbow Road, Richford Street, Lime Grove, Conningham Road and Goldhawk Road.   These roads are very popular due to their spectacular avenue of mature trees unique architectural design, as well as the community spirit which come with these well-loved properties and supported by resident associations and committees. 
If you are selling in a road which is in a conservation area or wanting to move into one please contact us on Sales@kerrandco  or contact us on 0208 743 1166 and ask for David or Robert 
You can also read our reviews of our recent sales in the area  Read our Reviews on All agents and Google 

Buyer Hammersmith Grove 
“I purchased my first property through Kerr & Co, and their knowledge, friendliness, and help have been essential in ensuring a smooth process, always ready to answer all of my questions and doubts.”  
Seller Hammersmith Grove
“Over the last 18 years the team at Kerr & Co have helped me buy a house, sell a house, rent out a flat and sell a flat - so I have had close and long-term experience of both their sales and lettings teams. They have, on all fronts, been consistently excellent and, just as importantly, have always been a pleasure to deal with. Their local knowledge is a huge plus and I’m sure this is why working with them feels a bit different from some of the other, larger estate agent groups. A particularly big thank you to Robert B for all his help over the years”