Community News - Local Barbers New Lost and Found Initiative

News at Kerr & Co | 17/04/2023

Community News - Local Barbers New Lost and Found Initiative

Fyne Blades Barber shop in Askew Road have set up a lost and found website which aims to help the local community to help and support anyone who loses an item in Shepherds Bush and Hammersmith .

Set up by two community minded locals Ray, who works in the Co-op and Talal the Barber in Askew Road. Both have lived and worked in the area for 16 years and have an in-depth knowledge of the area as well as being part of the local community, They enlisted the help of one of their customers, tech wizard Paul Derby, who developed the search algorithm that powers the website.

With so many people owning smartphones with cameras, it’s also possible to add photos of lost and found items to make the process more visual and simpler to use. It will help solve the massive amount of lost property which accumulates every year, with smartphones it is easier to connect with people and reunite them with their lost items 

TioRay is free - by registering via the website you get a secure link to your email address (with a promise that your email is not used for marketing), and finder and loser are put in touch. You chat via email, so it’s very secure.

No more lost umbrellas on the tube or smart phones lost in the park - Good Luck to the boys on their new adventure !