New Legislation for landlords

News at Kerr & Co | 26/04/2019

As a landlord keeping up to date with all the new legislation being introduced by the Government can be a daunting. As an established estate agent and members of ARLA we understand that our industry must be constantly updated and monitored and free from rouge practices which harm our clients and customers.

Last month we saw the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 introduced on the 20th March, to ensure that all rented accommodation is fit for human habitation and to strengthen tenants’ means of redress against the minority of landlords who do not fulfil their legal obligations to keep their properties safe and habitable.

This week we saw the removal of Section 21 which enables a private landlord to force a tenant to leave a property with eight weeks’ notice once their rental contract has ended, without any question.  Landlords will need to give a valid reason; this could be that they want to move into the property themselves or sell.  As Section 8 can also be used especially if the rent is in arrears, they have engaged in criminal or antisocial behaviour, or have broken the terms of their tenancy.

For the majority of landlords who are responsible and manage their properties well and have a good relationship with their letting agent and tenants nothing will change for them. The government wants to support good landlords who provide decent and well-maintained homes.

However, some landlords are at a risk, if they are overseas, are new to being a landlord or do not have a agency who manages their properties for them.   Regular inspections are essential to make sure all rental properties are managed and maintained.  The government is hoping standards to improve as tenants will be empowered to take action against their landlord where they fail to adequately maintain their property. This will level the playing field for the vast majority of good landlords who are already maintaining homes fit for human habitation without serious hazards, by ensuring that they are not undercut by landlords who knowingly and persistently flout their responsibilities.

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