Renting out your Property -  #12 Point Checklist  

News at Kerr & Co | 24/02/2022

Renting out your Property -  A #12 Point Checklist   

Kerr and Co are committed to help our clients stay one step ahead of the new Government regulations for andlords and tenants,  please read on for our comprehensive guide to understanding the current guidlines and how Kerr and Co can support you if need advice or require our Property Management Service .

1#   EPC's and The Green Homes Grant  (extension to complete works via the scheme March 2022)
Since 1 April 2020, landlords can no longer can let or continue to let properties with an EPC rating of F or G, the minimum standard is now at least an E or above. Energy Performance Certificates ( EPC) where introduced in 2007 and measure the energy efficiency of a property on a scale of A-G, and are valid for 10 years.    Improvements vary with each property and can range from making simple changes such as draught-proofing windows and doors, Insulating pipes and tanks, reducing water usage or changing to new LED bulbs to more significant works .  
For more information on the Green homes Grant contact your local authority 

2#  Reminders on the new electrical certificate introduced April 2020 
Private landlords must ensure every electrical installation in their residential premises is inspected and tested at intervals of no more than 5 years by a qualified and competent person.     With Covid, labour shortage self-isolation and social distancing,  booking inspections have made this very difficult for landlords .  However, as all the restrictions being removed by the end of the month its important that the inspections are not overlooked by landlords . The regulations apply in England to all new specified tenancies from 1 July 2020 and all existing specified tenancies from 1 April 2021.  More details can be obtained via the NRLA website . Kerr and Co can manage this as part of our Property Management service for landlords.

3#  Yearly Gas Safety Inspections
If you let a property with gas appliances, you are responsible for the maintenance and condition of the Gas Boiler any gas appliances, gas pipework and any chimney/flues. You must have a qualified gas safe engineer complete an annual gas safety check, and you must keep a record of this check. You don't need a new certificate per tenant, but you must provide a copy of a valid certificate at the beginning of each new tenancy.  Kerr and Co can manage this as part of our Property Management service for landlords .

#4   Make sure Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarms are Working 
Its been a standard for many years to provide and install working smoke alarms on every floor of your rental property. There must also be a working carbon monoxide alarm in every room where solid fuel appliances (e.g. a fireplace) are present. It’s also good practice to have an alarm in rooms with a gas appliance (e.g. a gas boiler). Each alarm in the property must be tested on the day a new tenancy begins, to ensure they are all working.   Kerr and Co can manage this as part of our Property Management service for landlords.

#5   Buildings and Content insurance
Most ordinary home insurance products do not cover rented properties so it is important to contact your insurers about Landlord building and contents insurance for letting a property. Without the correct insurance you may not be able to claim and could face serious financial losses. 

#6   Furniture and Furnishings must be Fire Resistant 
All furniture you provide must meet current fire resistance requirements, outlined in the Furniture and furnishings (Fire Safety) regulations 1988.

#7  House In Multiple Occupation (HMO)
Depending on your property's type and location, you may need a HMO or Selective licence from your local authority to register the address. Contact your local council for confirmation and details to register

 #8  Tenancy Deposits Schemes 
Tenants deposits must be registered so they are protected in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme outlined by the Government. You need to provide your tenant with the details within 30 days of the start of the tenancy. Kerr and Co can provide this service and manage tenants deposits as part of our Property Management service for landlords.

 #9   Air Conditioning - legionella bacteria assessments 
Health and Safety legislation requires that you must assess and take steps to prevent any exposure to legionella bacteria and have the property inspected for a legionella assessment. Most landlords should be able to assess the risk themselves and do not need to be professionally trained or accredited. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can arrange for a professional to do it on your behalf. Kerr and Co can manage this as part of our Property Management service for landlords .

#10   Keeping your Property Well Maintained 
Regular and suitably documented visits to the property are essential, as well as responding to call outs should the tenants need urgent repairs or maintenance.  Landlords need to be on call for tenants to make sure they remain safe in their home.  
Kerr and Co can help you manage this as part of our Property Management service for landlords.

#11 Right to Rent
Every tenant should go through a thorough vetting process; this should include a detailed assessment of the tenant’s ability to afford the rent, credit and ID checks, proof of residency and references from employers and former landlords. Stringent checks should also be carried out on guarantors if required.  Kerr and Co offer this service as part of our lettings service to landlords. 

#12  Inventory and schedule of condition
A professional inventory and schedule of condition at the start of the tenancy is essential to ensure that you have an accurate record ensuring tenant deposits can be released on time. However, should you need to make a claim against the deposit for damage an inventory is essential to help solve disputes .  Kerr and Co offer this service as part of our lettings service to landlords .

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