Ask the Experts - Selling Your Home in Spring 2023 

News at Kerr & Co | 17/02/2023


 Ask the Experts - Selling Your Home in Spring 

Selling in the spring has always been a busy time - Our expert sales team at Kerr and Co are in contact with a number of motivated home owners looking to sell in the next few weeks. So far 2023 has remained resilient and we would encourage anyone looking to sell their property to invest time and effort to making their home the best it can be.    Buyers are sophisticated and know what they want, how much they are willing to pay and strong motives to move  - often the first impression can capture a buyer’s interest within seconds walking through the door for a quick sale perparation is key !

Tips For Preparing for a Successful Sale

Kerr and co have over 30 years of experience understanding and knowing what each individual buyer is looking for.  From the moment you instruct us we work hard to get the best possible price for your property.    By investing some time in a few simple tasks, our sales team can help you achieve the asking price you want.

Curb Appeal - First Impressions Count

  • Our advice is to get busy - If you have an outside garden or driveway simple jobs such as planting flowers, trimming bushes and trees will make an instant impact. (Check with local authority planning if living in a conservation area if making major cutting).
  •  Repaint the front door or touch up paint, clean and polish door furniture.
  • Maintenance and repairs  If you have a door bell or security system, make sure it’s working - If you have outdoor lighting or a mechanical gate ensure it’s been serviced - If you have a path,  make sure  it is not missing any tiles, jet wash the exterior walls, clean the driveway of moss and sweep clean of leaves so the front of the house looks inviting and is the best in the road.
  • Don't forget Communal areas : If you are living in a flat make sure all the communal areas leading you your flat door is hoovered clean and clutter free - get rid of unwanted post and rubbish.

Spring Clean - Be Proud of Your Home

  • Cleanliness and tidiness should never be underestimated, so clean each room top to bottom, tackle any limescale or mould build-up with specialist cleaners and clean the grout in your bathroom or kitchen tiles. In highly shared and used rooms such as the bathrooms and the kitchen make sure surfaces are cleaned and focus on floors too. These rooms can be a make or break of an offer - make sure your key rooms sparkle and you won't be disappointed.
  •  Deep clean your carpets and polish hardwood floors until they shine - add a rug to hide any imperfections, scratches and chips.
  • Get a window cleaner to clean both inside and out paying attention to frames and window sills - as the spring sunshine hits the windows you want your home to be light bright showcasing each room.

Declutter and Neutralise

  • Spending time Neutralising your home decoration is invaluable and will make your property stand out from the many other properties on sale - which a buyer may have seen that day or even that week, so it’s important to act swiftly and get these jobs done before you put your property on the market.  By decluttering and painting any room which has dark or pattern wallpaper will create space and be easier to maintain throughout the time your house is on the market.
  • Decluttering will show off your best features and painting a neutral colour doesn't disappoint any taste but will give a light and fresh ambiance - get our tips on the best way to declutter on our blog - read more here.

Getting Ready for those all-important photographs

  • Get any decorating, de-cluttering and moving of items done prior to the photographer’s visit so that the photos show your home in its most flattering light.  We use highly experienced professional photographers who will help make each room look its best, they can help and give  advice, but it your home, the more you can do in advance, the better the results will be.

Outside Garden Space 

  • Importance of Gardens and Open space :With the onset of summer, many prospective buyers will be looking with interest at the condition of your garden, the Covid 19 pandemic highlighted and raised the value of gardens - not only for their outdoor use but for our mental health as well.
  • Bring the Inside - Outside The most popular gardens are ones which are seen as an extension of the interior - home office/ garden rooms, fire pits and outdoor kitchens and dining areas all have become a feature in marketing details and can add value to your property as well as making it more attractive to perspective purchases. – again, make sure these areas a clean, clutter free and maintained.
  • Roof Gardens Patios and window boxes . These all count as not everyone wants the responsibility of a garden by still want a Zen area to chill - make sure these are maintained, cheerful and and linked to the rest of the property.

Shrubs and Planting  

  • Get green fingered : It may be early in the season for planting out the more delicate flowering plants but there’s nothing to stop you from having a general tidy-up. Trim bushes and trees weed beds, jet wash the patio or decking and clear any piles of leaves left over from the winter months.
  • A freshly mowed lawn will make a garden look loved and ready for the new owners to imagine themselves enjoying the garden and view.

Getting Ready for Your Viewing Guests

  • Your estate agent will arrive before a viewing so will ensure the property is looking its best - however its good to keep on top of clutter and keep surfaces clean.
  • Home Working around Viewings - If you are working from home and a viewing is planned - pay attention to your working area, tidy papers, files to ensure your working space is functional but not out of control with mess.
  • Open blinds, shutters and curtains and let in the light - open a window just to air the place prior to a viewing to minimise any unpleasant odours.
  • Orgainise your Furry Friends Pet beds, food and toys  Pet should be removed and ideally take your dog out for the duration of the viewing, you don't need the distractions also small children may be scared of them and many people suffer from allergies.
  • Finally share the love - Dress your home with flowers and display them in an attractive vase. Introduce some house plants, to add extra greenery giving a healthy and fresh spring appeal

For support in your next house move ask the experts – our Sales Team are happy to have a conversation with you on your next move and can provide a useful and indication on the potential of your property
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