Creating the 'WOW' factor when Selling your Property -  Ask The Experts 

News at Kerr & Co | 20/03/2024

Creating the 'WOW' factor when Selling your Property -  Ask The Experts 

With over 30 years of experience Kerr and Co Residential have marketed some of the most incredible properties in Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush.

Having an element of surprise, is one of the most enjoyable part of our job and can lead to instant offers.    Our experience and  advice to clients can make a significant difference when it comes to sell your property .  Here we give some useful tips to give your property a boost and create the 'WOW' factor which will make your home stand out  especially in a buyer's market.

What is ‘the Wow Factor’?
First impressions really do count its important to remember that a  wow factor doesn’t have to be something that will cost a lot of expense to achieve,.  Instead  its more the impact it will make to prospective buyers on a viewing - making your property memorable and stand out especially if buyers have been seen a number of properties in a similar area or road.  Adding something special to a room, area or making a particular feature doesn't have to cost much money imagination a bit of time staging your home can make all the difference.

Here Some Tips and Ideas That will Help You to Give a Twist If You Are Thinking of Making Some Internal or External Alterations .

The Hallway
As soon as a buyer enters your home, you want to create an impression. Use clean lines and hidden storage in hallways, e.g. a shoe rack or coat-hangers to minimise clutter. Adding mirrors and wall lighting are also good ways to make a hallway look spacious and bring light into the a small space.

Colour and Texture to give Space and Ambiance 
Although neutral interiors is often advised when selling its important to remember buyers have viewed a number of properties and often look for that special wow-factor in their next home.   If your space is relatively neutral you can achieve a bit of wow factor adding colour, contrast or movement through simple elements.   Adding a small amount of colour will give neutral spaces a surprising and exciting feeling and mood,  painting a wall a bold or different colour  which is eye-catching.  Alternatively you can create with it a feature wall with accessories, wall art or soft furnishings.Textured or patterned wallpaper can also make a room more homely and give a designer affect .  Any of these ideas creates a visual focal point that will attract buyers eye make the viewing more interesting .  

Indoor Outdoor
Much has been written on letting the outside in when redesigning your home .  This can work on the majority of properties where the space leans it self to let the rooms flow making everything feel more open, lighter brighter and wider.  If you are replacing windows do so with the  largest windows you can afford so your house will  feel more expansive and connected to nature or to the environment.  The additional bonus is - more natural light streaming in so that every corner of the room will lighten up .   Our favourite are large glass doors which can really bring the WOW factor and they help to soften the line between outdoor and indoor living and entertaining.

Add some Artwork to  Awkward Spaces and Vacant rooms 
Choosing the right artwork can give a  room a personality of its own and change the entire mood of the living space. Oversized and emotive artworks will create an immediate impact and can enhanced the rest of the property whilst giving some conection to you or your family.    If you don't own any artwork or it isn’t your thing, then another option which works well is a large statement mirror. Something decadent like a floor-length mirror is perfect for hallways, bedrooms and even bathrooms.

Using Green - The Colour of Relaxation and Calm
Adding the colour green is a very inexpensive and easy way to give a twist and a fresh twist to your home, adding  some plants will not only look fantastic but will also create the wow factor in a very straightforward way. There are beneficial to the health of your home and versatile and can be moved around the house larger specimens can be mixed  with smaller sized plants  to add interest and added contrast.

Statement Lighting
One of the  easiest ways to give a wow factor to the room is a light fitting which can be seen at all angles of the room .  Lighting can add colour, shading and atmosphere to a room,  pendent lights can be particularly dramatic hanging them low in the room when you can create a fabulous wow factor in a few steps and works well in a open minimalist space . Fitting lights above cabinets will create an unexpected glow, while lights within skirting boards have a particularly luxurious feel. For a quick fix, try replacing your existing lampshades with a modern alternative.  Good lighting  can be underestimated however it can boost people’s emotions or mood as soon as they walk into a different room.   Dark, dingy spaces will instantly make people lower peoples mood and have a negative effect on your property.   If buyers are viewing your property in the day then make sure as much light as possible is streaming into your home. Showing your property at night calls for softer lighting, so floor lamps are a great idea and strategically placed lamps and lighting features can enhance certain spaces.

Stunning Flooring.
Flooring can be underestimated as an interior design feature however by using natural materials or a material which complements your home is worth the investment .  
Revamping your existing wooden flooring can be stunning yet functional especially when add luxurious rugs to your floors.
Tiles on the floor are not only practical and easy to clean but can create crisp clean effect for any visitors . There is a trend to designing your own flooring by using tiles and  getting creative as these people did by laying pennies on the floor will definitely create something people will be talking about for a long time!

Enticing Exteriors
If you really want to give off the impression of luxury then first impressions do count every time. 
Create a unified look by making sure your walls, windows, doors and any garages and outside buildings are sparking clean and look the same. If you want to change the colour of your home, look at adding rendering to the brickwork and repainting the front door – or even replace it, along with any window frames too. The front garden if you have one - must be inviting with well manicured hedges and planted boarders and containers for the extra homely appeal .  Buyers often walk past properties before they view them so this is an extras opportunity to wow people before they even come through the door!

To Summarise 

  • The Wow Factor doesn't need to cost money effort or too much time -  get advice from your Estate Agent how you stage your home maybe all it takes.
  • What made you fall in love with your home will also entice prospective buyers so make sure you make the most of the positives and spend a bit of time enhancing these, highlight your favourite features and enjoy showing your property off to get a good chance of a second viewing.
  • Keep it simple, keep light and bright, clean and fresh. 
  • If you’re planning on making changes or buying any additions, make sure you do so before the photographer arrives so your home stands out on your estate agent’s website and the property portals.