Why Kerr & Co?

Acknowledged Excellence
Our role is to view, understand and respond to your aspirations on you sale, or purchase and achieve your goals. Over the last 20 years we have built a reputation to give unrivalled client service, driven by our commitment to manage all our sales with the highest level of personal and professional integrity.

Your incentive to sell is personal decision. You may want to secure a sale in a set deadline, perhaps you require confidentiality or have other issues that require sensitivity. Whatever your objectives, we have years of experience which appreciate no two sales are the same. However we will always go the extra mile to make sure you achieve the best possible price.

Experts in the Local Area
You may be thinking of selling or renting depending on your personal circumstances which requires a marketing proposal for your property, or you may just be interested in how the property market has affected the value of your property. Either way, we’re happy to help, with no obligation.

We realise our business is built on our dedicated staff, many of whom have been with us for years, and are themselves locals, and live in the area. However, our knowledge is not limited to simply having a detailed understanding of the area. We go that extra mile. We strive to learn everything about your home – from the most basic facts about the property – to more general points such as why you enjoy living where you do. They all have in-depth local knowledge that comes from living and working in the locality. This gives them the ability to answer all questions buyers ask about Hammersmith or Shepherd’s Bush – giving us the edge in generating the trust required for buyers to make informed decisions.

If you like us and do decide to sell, then we won’t ask you to commit to a long period of sole agency, as we believe that you should have the right to end our agreement with us at any time if you are anything other than thrilled with our service, communication and results.

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