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Letting Is A Gas

Posted on Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Buoyant - adjective 1. Able or tending to keep afloat or rise to the top of a liquid or gas. 2. Cheerful and optimistic.

This is certainly how the rental market can currently be described - just without the liquid or gas part of the definition - and there is a wide selection of choice available, from studios to 4-bed properties alike.

We are finding that there is a huge demand from individual professionals for studios and for 1- bed properties right through to family homes – in the latter case particularly so in the Brackenbury area because of its strong location for families due to the parks and good schools.

There are also couple of trends that we have noticed:

We have recently let a 2-bed cottage to a couple who have moved from Notting Hill to Shepherds Bush, who cited schools as a reason for the change.

There are more overseas tenants coming to London for a whole variety of incentives: the uplift in the economy, for study, for work, and for career – and, of course, because Shepherd’s Bush and Hammersmith is a fantastic location for travelling connections (being in Zone 2), for socialising, and for shopping; notably at the impressive Westfield Shopping Centre.

It is hardly a surprise that a queue is forming to come in to the area if you add to the above mix that there is also the colourful and bustling market, the lively and edgy atmosphere, that music and theatre-lovers are well served - with The Shepherd’s Bush Empire being a top London music venue - that Bush Hall offers eclectic music and comedy, and that The Bush Theatre is one of London’s leading fringe theatres.

If you want to join the queue - and whatever your budget and whether you are buying or selling property in Shepherds Bush - then it is essential to get the best advice and service from a trusted independent agent who know the local market intimately, and that’s where the very buoyant Kerr & Co. come in!